ELEVEN stays fresh

I’m pleased to report that first-run episodes of favourite ELEVEN shows will be continuing next week, as we enter summer ratings.

Neighbours, Supernatural, Smallville, The Office, American Horror Story, The Cleveland Show, The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson and So You Think You Can Dance all continue.

Other shows remain in repeat without any significant change from current schedules.

Given we will be in non-ratings I’m not too sure what the strategy is for running Neighbours. The show has often run beyond the end of ratings but now it delivers no Drama points -it’s certainly a plus for fans.


  1. The new Melrose Place (although only 18 eps) was a good series and the final episode concluded most of the ongoing storylines. IMO its well worth checking out. If you’re a fan of shows like The OC, Gossip Girl, or are just looking for something to watch this summer, its worth a look. I got quite invested in the storylines and characters towards the end, particularly the Jonah and Ella relationship. Katie Cassidy is a joy to watch

    That said I could never get into 90210, at all. The actress that played Naomi annoyed the hell out of me and the storylines never went anywhere.

    Dollhouse is an excellent show as well that lasted two seasons and IMO a breath of fresh air – definitely worth watching.

  2. I want to see american gothic and the x files on 11!!
    Who remembers American Gothic??
    Ten keep new eps of the simpsons for 10 next yr!! It’s a waste on 11

  3. With 90210, Eleven are about two and a half years behind and would need to show double episodes of it for the next few months (of seasons 2, 3 and a bit of 4 as well).

    Melrose Place the 2009 remake bombed after 18 episodes and is probably about two and a half years old by now.

    The Office season 7 has 5 more eps left. This season, like the last couple before it, has been pretty mediocre, so I’ll stop watching after Steve Carell leaves.

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