Auditions: Holy Switch

Move over Wife Swap, ABC TV is looking for 6 young people to make a Holy Switch.

A new three part series for Compass needs people willing to leave their family and take the place of another young person in a family with a completely different religious background.

We are looking for eager, enquiring young adults, 18 to 23, and their families, who put their faith at the heart of life.

For two weeks (between March and May, 2012) these young people will take up the challenge to live a totally different life with a host family from another faith.

Director Varcha Sidwell, who also brought The Abbey and The Mission series to ABC TV’s Compass believes Holy Switch presents a unique invitation, “It’s not often that young Australians are given a chance to explore the deeper issues in their lives, beyond the next celebrity scandal or latest fad- to be deeply challenged to discover new insights, not only about themselves but Australia as well”

It will screen on ABC1 in late 2012/early 2013.

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