TEN to launch Breakfast on Thursday

TEN has hit the button on Breakfast and will launch tomorrow at 6am, in the wake of Kevin Rudd’s resignation.

The new show was due to begin on Monday.

The show features Paul Henry, Kathryn Robinson, Andrew Rochford and Magdalena Roze.

TEN is understood to have been busy with rehearsals in readiness for Monday, but the news of Kevin Rudd resigning as Foreign Minister ahead of a showdown with PM Julia Gillard, has News headlines in a spin.

Launching the show early is ambitious, but very smart given the circumstances.

It all begins at 6am.

We said be prepared for a show that’s cheeky and unpredictable, and today’s surprise resignation by Kevin Rudd means it’s time for Breakfast to launch.

Guesting on The Project this evening, Breakfast host Paul Henry made the announcement that TEN’s Breakfast show will launch tomorrow, Thursday 23rd February at 6am. The team is ready. The wait is over.

Paul Henry says: “This is a hugely exciting evening. We are not launching Breakfast on Monday. TEN are launching Breakfast tomorrow morning at 6am. How good is that!”


  1. The only remaining morning News is now on SBS (I need to learn chinese or something). Who at 10 thought we’ll beat 7, 9, and ABC by copying the same laugh-a-long format? Hopefully Ron will return with actual news when this adventure fails.

  2. It’s probably great that Ten are doing this considering that there might be a few more people wanting to find out more about the Kevin Rudd thing. But I hope that the show presents a difference. I have a feeling that Today and particularly and Sunrise are going to cover the story for most of the three hours and it would be good if Breakfast mixed it up a bit and presented a show that still contains a lot of their regular stuff.

  3. Surprised at this one. People usually gravitate towards their traditional news outlets of choice for major stuff like this… possibly a larger overall audience up for grabs tomorrow, but I’d be surprised if they were looking for something new and different.

  4. So what will happen to Ron Wilson now then? I assumed once Breakfast started that would be it for him.

    A bit sad that it’s early launch means Mr. Wilson doesn’t get to give a proper farewell to his audience after so many decades…..

  5. Sorry, I must’ve missed something, but what happens to TEN’s kid shows? Will they move to Eleven, or are the days of Cheez TV and Toasted TV on school days over?

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