Best of Breakfast?

TEN’s latest move to lift numbers for its ailing Breakfast show is to screen an hour of highlights on Saturday mornings.

From this Saturday TEN screens Best Of Breakfast at 11am following an hour of Breakthrough with Tony Robbins at 10am.


  1. Worst Breakfast show I have seen in many years. What’s the point in questioning the guests if you just talk over the top of them Paul Henry. The whole show was so quick and fast paced with Paul Henry talking – it felt like I was about to have a heart attack. And what’s with that stupid high pitched voice you use sometimes?

  2. Maev....Sydney

    For me…ABC1 or ABC 24 at that time…
    But if for nothing else….the comments generated by this story ….have given a jolly good laugh today…. 😀

  3. Secret Squirrel

    To fill an hour they must be taking the best bits from when the show first started, since they’ll be all of the times when Henry wasn’t talking which doesn’t seem to happen very often.

  4. Sounds like another excuse to show some more advertorials – Probably make goods from The Circles axing!

    If It has no advertorials – It’s probably a good idea. Anything is worth a try to broaden the audience.

    People forget – Sunrise had a very small set when it started.

  5. I hadn’t watched this show in months, after seeing it not long after the premiere for about 30 mins and seeing it was terrible.
    Friday of last week I had the TV on TEN from 8-8.30, so half an hour once again. In that time I saw two advertorials, 3 commercial breaks and only a tiny bit of the actual hosts. Even then it was that unfunny Jonathan Coleman doing a weekly wrap up of rubbish. The new set seemed okay until I realised it was so tiny! The budget certainly has been reigned in on repairing this train wreck.

  6. Get rid of Henry and replace him with someone Australians actually know and like and the show has some chance to build a solid, niche audience.

    And Lachlan should go with him – he’s the kiss of death and has been an unmitigated disaster for Ten.

  7. Saturday mornings… another timeslot that Ten has trashed after ditching Video Hits

    Add that to weekday mornings (Breakfast, axing The Circle) and much of prime time and commissioning trash shows like Lara Bingle and The Shire, pretty anything the new management have touched has turned to mud. The multi-channel strategy is now blurred and confused and Ten just isn’t on people’s radars anymore (apart from MasterChef) and shows like Puberty Blues which have got mostly positive reviews will probably be ignored because the rest of the network is a train wreck.

    Shareholders must be asking Lachlan was the previous management really so bad, now?

  8. Will they include the steam mop ads?

    Is there actually any news left? I’ve noticed the advertorials have crept earlier and earlier, they kick in after half-six now. We’ve stopped watching to all intents and purposes, I just like to flick over and see how badly mangled the train wreck is now and then.

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