Logies trims the show

DSC_8769The Logie Awards has eliminated categories in order to make its lengthy broadcast run shorter.

The somewhat controversial categories for Most Popular New Talent (Male) and (Female) has been merged into one single non-gender-specific category.

Last year the Male category was won by Joel Madden from The Voice, on the same day as the second season kicked off.

Industry subsequently protested over the decision, which overshadowed emerging Australian talent.

The Sunday Telegraph reports that The Voice coaches and Australia’s Got Talent judges into the Best Presenter category (under TV Week rules, judges are acceptable in this category). But Timomatic has been submitted in the New Talent category by Nine. Networks can submit 5 names for consideration.

It’s unclear if he will still go up against potential “new talent” submissions including Ricky Martin, Dawn French, Geri Halliwell and Redfoo.

The peer-voted Graham Kennedy Most Outstanding New Talent remains.

Other categories including Most Popular Factual Program have been axed entirely. For the past 6 years it has been won by TEN’s Bondi Rescue.

Voting for the awards, to be staged on April 27, will begin on February 3 and runs for 4 weeks.


  1. the logies needs to go its absolutely boring get rid of the logies & get better award shows like the globes since tina fey & amy poehler is hosting again next year they were hilarious this year when i watch it on youtube. the logies won’t be a great loss

  2. I reckon Dawn French for Best New Talent. That way the Logies will get overseas headlines and it’s funny as well. I like the Logies but don’t think we should take seriously the popular vote. Only the industry categories really have merit.

  3. I like the most popular new talent category. I just dont like the fact we had overseas people in it who win like Joel last year.

    I think they could cut a few entertainment categories. Some shows are repeated in different categories.

    Plus I know he we can cut time. Give the logie to better homes and gardens for best lifestyle as they always win and give the block the logie for the best reality show. and somehow the nrl footy show always win best sports show. That will cut time.

  4. Good move. Most Pop Male & Female Talent categories was too much. Some years have felt competitive due to the volume of new faces, but other years (many) it seemed like just about anybody new (H&A) made the cut.

  5. Agree with [email protected], get rid of the Logies, think it’s rigged anyway and very boring, haven’t watched it for a while as it is the same old thing over and over again and all the winners do is to thank everybody, same speech all the time but with different names.

  6. Is it just me.
    To trim an “Awards Show”.
    They trimmed the awards.

    Not opening numbers.
    Irrelevant musical numbers.
    Or any of the other fluff they peddle out as entertainment.

    What’s next?
    Sorry we have no time for any awards here is a website..
    In the mean time here is how everyone was dressed and some music.

  7. I would have thought the AFIs or AACTAs as they are now known would be the premiere awards? But certainly does appear odd given the relative sizes of the industries in both countries

  8. It’s laughable that our ‘premiere’ entertainment awards show actually runs longer than either the Emmys, Oscars or the Golden Globes.

    Should be independently produced & shared amongst the broadcasters like it used to be so it’s not used as yet another tiresome, one network promotional vehicle.

  9. Good to see the Logies have a minor revamp. Was long overdue.

    Its good to see the New Talent Awards merge into the one. Having 3 sets of awards to new talent was too much. I can understand, in a way, why Timotamic is there as new talent, but I better hope that the Overseas Stars aren’t going to be listed, after last years debacle.

    Good to see the Popular Factual Award being dropped. I assume that the Outstanding Factual Award remains? Was one too many anyway.

    • Of course if TV Week insisted the awards were broadcast from 7:30 these categories arguably would not need trimming. But Nine’s focus is on piggybacking The Voice launch before it, so the Logies did not kick off until 8:30pm and as a result ran past midnight. It’s causing some industry angst.

  10. Thats absolute rubbish, you don’t go dropping awards for people and programs which deserve awarded recognition. If you want to trim the show down, shorten the opening monologue, have less cross promotions with singers and dancers from Nine’s reality shows performing on stage, cut the backstage footage, and trim the red carpet down to 15 mins. Easy, and nobody misses out on an award. They should however exclude already established actors and performers from overseas out of the new talent category. It should be best ‘Australian New Talent’ with all other awards open to overseas people.

  11. Some good changes, but for gods sake, change the name of the award to ‘rising talent’ instead of ‘new talent. It causes so much confusion and chaos every year. Not to mention that ‘new’ is the incorrect word to use when names that have been well known for over a decade are eligible.

    A good decision to axe Bondi rescues award. That award only popped up because of the factual craze of the late naughties. I would like to see ‘most outstanding reality’ because there are a lot of Aussie shows that win international awards that leave the logies empty handed. And reality is such a big genre to all be crammed into one award.

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