Snubbed? Shaun Micallef overlooked in Logie voting form.

Shaun Micallef is out of the running for Presenter and Actor awards in the Logies after an ABC bungle.

2014-02-12_1257Shaun Micallef is trying not to get mad as hell over being overlooked in the Logie voting list for Best Presenter, and Best Actor for Mr. & Mrs. Murder.

While Mad as Hell is in the running for Most Popular Light Entertainment, it is his only shot at a Popular Award at this year’s Logies.

The mistake means he is effectively out of the running for the Gold and Silver Logies.

“They’ve left me off the list of Presenter award nominees,” he told TV Tonight.

“I asked whether I could possibly be put on it now.  But they said they can’t. So I’m not in the running.”

“So there you go. I’m not a contender. But if you do want to vote for anybody else, they are there. I think me and Leigh Sales might not be there.

“I blame The Chaser boys because they put all of them in.”

An ABC spokesperson confirmed the blunder.

“It was an unfortunate oversight on both our part and TV Week’s part,” they said.

Last year Chris Lilley was also off the list for Angry Boys.

TV Tonight understands there are several checking processes in place from both networks and TV Week to ensure such errors do not occur, but Micallef’s omission slipped through the cracks.

Micallef’s 2013 drama Mr & Mrs Murder is also off the voting form, which also leaves him out of the running in the Popular Actor stakes.

“Maybe Channel TEN didn’t put me in. I don’t know. I’m not in the running this year,” he said.

TEN declined to comment.

While TV Week would not comment on how many entries it caps per category, per network, ABC has 8 dramas in contention for Most Popular Drama while TEN has 3.

Micallef has a large fanbase, including repeatedly winning Favourite Male in the viewer-voted TV Tonight Awards.

“I think it’s time I won the Lifetime Achievement award on your site.

“That’s the most important one. I don’t care about the TV Week Awards!” he joked wryly….

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  1. Yes! Let’s start a push for Shaun Micallef to host the Logies! His appearance on the recent AACTA’s was the only tolerable part of the whole broadcast (the awards may be legit but the broadcast itself was a disgrace).

    Then again, the Logies are not legit either. They are a sad and sorry overrunning joke.

  2. seems like every year that a fairly high-profile star is left out of the voting forms because of a “blunder”. A shame that Mr and Mrs Murder isn’t there in the Drama awards, alongside the even less popular Reef Doctors.

    I think its time to include a “other” at the end of each category for those people and shows that weren’t short-listed so you can put in your own choice. Not sure why they dropped that.

  3. At one time on this site, people almost had Shaun listed to host a dozen shows (even remember it being said Foxtel could do a 24 hour Shaun channel). By memory a few were keep doing Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation, a Tonight Show, Blankety Blanks, a Late News show in the style of Newsworld/Robbo’s World Tonight.

    So if anyone should get a Lifetime Achievement Award on this site it is Shaun, for comment mentions that such and such a channel should hire Shaun to do such and such show alone.

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