Airdate: Recipe to Riches

2014-10-08_0640TEN’s last big local show for the ratings year, Recipe to Riches, will premiere 7.30pm, Tuesday, October 21st as home recipes are pitched then sold in supermarkets the next day.

Gruen panelist turned TEN executive general manager Russel Howcroft joins the second season, again produced by FremantleMedia. Joining him are returning judges Carolyn Creswell and Darren Robertson plus Jess Gill, Director of Customer Experience at Woolworths.

Interestingly this is an 8 part series, meaning TEN will need to double up on some episodes to complete the series in the final 6 weeks of the ratings year.

The budding food entrepreneurs will be guided and mentored by our three experts. Russel Howcroft, an acclaimed marketing expert, Executive General Manager of Network Ten and panellist on ABC TV’s The Gruen Transfer, Gruen Nation and Gruen Planet, will join last year’s returning experts, Carman’s Fine Foods owner Carolyn Creswell and talented chef Darren Robertson.

Russel, Carolyn and Darren will help the contestants battle it out to see if their product can reach the 19.5 million Australians who pass through Woolworths’ 890 stores every week.

Each episode features three different contestants competing in a particular category such as party food, dessert, BBQ, breakfast and baking.

Viewers will follow contestants as they “batch up” their dishes to see if their recipe can be produced on mass-market scale, create a brand for their product and devise strategies to launch it to the public.

The experts are then joined by Jess Gill, Director of Customer Experience at Woolworths Supermarkets, to choose the winner.

Together, they decide which product has the best chance of succeeding on supermarket shelves, based on the contestant’s performance during batch-up, marketing and the product launch, as well as Woolworths’ customer feedback.

Each week’s winner will then see their product on the shelves of Woolworths the day after the episode screens, with viewers across Australia literally able to taste the result of the contestant’s work the very next day.

Last year’s winner, Garth Midgely, wowed Australia with his innovative idea, bringing chocolate and popcorn together to create Chocorn. The tasty treat went on sale in April 2014 and Woolworth’s customers couldn’t wait to get their hands on it.


  1. enjoyed the show (for the first few weeks), then I fast forwarded through the more boring segments to see who won. Was fun to see the winning products on the shelves (or not if they were in stock/unable to be found). Never saw anyone buying Chocorn, but still have a discounted box of the spicy meatballs in the freezer. The items were overpriced for the most part.

  2. Secret Squirrel

    “…TEN will need to double up on some episodes to complete the series in the final 6 weeks of the ratings year.”

    I can’t see that happening as that could be seen as disadvantaging any contestants who had to “share” a week. I also don’t think Ten should be worrying about the end of “official” ratings as people will still be watching TV and advertisers will still want to buy airtime. Plus they’re not going to change their position relative to Seven and Nine when performance over the official 40 weeks is analysed.

  3. spectrum warrior

    I liked this show also. A very clever bit of advertising and the future of television. If a country practice was on these days, Wandin Valley would be a tourist resort that you could go to visit, and cookie would have a recipe book.

  4. About time! If they double up on episodes, I think that will be unfair for the contestants. Based on the high price of most of the products last year, if there are weeks where two products are available, shoppers on a budget may only choose one item. Although it may work out even, it’s adds to the already complex way of determining a winner (percentage sold based on number available, where not all products are made with the same volume)
    From last years reaction to the winning product, and the popularity of other items they sold, you’d hope they’d simplify it this year.

  5. Enjoyed the show last year, with a few nice products. Interestingly, always see shelves of that Chocorn at Woolies, never seen anyone pick up a box. It’s way too expensive for what it is.

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