Recipe to Riches: Nov 18

2014-11-15_2236Russel Howcroft assures me this week’s winner on Recipe to Riches is a first-rate product. He also said the products are flying off the shelves in Woolworths’ stores.

The show wasn’t on the list for 2015 at last week’s Upfronts but no decision has been made yet.

Recipe To Riches put the call out for Australia’s best undiscovered main meals. The result is three outstanding products from home chefs who are sure their recipe has what it takes to impress.

Queensland’s Savva Argyriou’s homemade lamb kebab has been passed down through his family for generations, while homesickness led to Canberra’s Sarah Walker recreating her parents’ Texan home cooking and her delicious version of pulled pork. Scottish expat Andrew “Fabs” Binnie has brought his healthy ragu to the table – packed full of vegetables and low in salt.

7:30pm Tuesday on TEN.


  1. I actually was at woolworths today, and had that small tub of smokey beans in my hand. When I saw the price I put it back. Of course, I was curious in what it tastes like but as what Tomothyd has said I am not willing spend $5.49 as well.
    Too expensive.

  2. I’ve bought two of the products so far, but there was no way I was going to spend $5.49 on a small tub of baked beans this week! By the looks of the tiny display and a hand full taken, many other people at my local store weren’t prepared to pay that either.

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