Confirmed: Home and Away to be inducted into Hall of Fame


As first revealed by TV Tonight, Home and Away will be inducted into the Logie Hall of Fame.

The¬†Sunday¬†Telegraph revealed the “Exclusive” today, despite a previous claim it would be announced on the night.

In its 27th year on air Home and Away certainly deserves a place in the roll call, joining just three other shows: Four Corners, Neighbours and Play School. The Seven show has a rich history of catapulting talent to international stardom, and dominates TV Week magazine sales.

But the Hall of Fame award remains so terribly gender imbalanced with 27 men and 1 woman in its annals.

Since launching the #morelogiewomen campaign, social media users have called upon judges to recognise our great Australian TV women, including coverage on Studio 10, ABC Radio, Mamma Mia and BuzzFeed.

2016 your ladies await you…


  1. The problem is that the Hall of Fame is basically a Lifetime Achievement award for an industry where women are judged on their appearance and are dumped when they stop being “attractive” to the young audience the networks are chasing. And then what’s left are basically the few women who already have Gold Logies, behind-the-scenes people who aren’t visible enough to excite the audience, Margaret Pomeranz (who would only be included in a joint entry with David Stratton), and Noni Hazelhurst.

  2. i thought it was supposed to be revealed on logies night. well done to home and away- however it would’ve been better if the show was inducted into the HOF during their 30th anniversary season. i think 60 minutes should be in their as well. how come more women aren’t inducted. noni hazelhurst, liz hayes, sandra sully should all be in there

  3. Well so much for it being a surprise on the night. Obviously Home & Away deserves to be inducted because of it’s longevity and being a breeding ground for future stars, but we still have this problem of too few females being inducted.

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