Firass Dirani itching for US projects


Season 4 of House Husbands is currently filming with all of its 4 ‘hubbies’ still intact.

As Firass Dirani recently told TV Tonight, there are more challenges in store for his character, Justin.

“Season 4 gets a bit messy. I find out some things I shouldn’t that really makes my life difficult,” he said.

Isn’t that sort of what happened in Season 3?

“Yes! And that’s what happened in Season 2! And that’s what happened in Season 1!” he laughed.

“But they’ve come up with some creative storylines in Season 4 and it’s good to be back, working with the guys. They’re all good actors.”

At 4 seasons, the Nine series is the longest run the Logie winner has had.

“I know, it scares me a little bit. But look, it’s a consistent pay packet and you need to pay the rent sometimes, so it’s a good breadwinner,” he continued.

“But it’s only 3 or 4 months of the year so there’s so much more time to try and land a US TV series.

“It’s always about keeping hustling. You can’t be complacent so we’ll see what happens. I’m just starting my career.

“You can go from TV to film, from film to TV it just depends how good you are, how hard you work and that’s the most important thing.”

What else is on the calendar for 2015?

“There could be a play in Perth. There’s a couple of things,” he hinted.

“I’m happy. The directors are great, I’m doing good work.

“As soon as I think I’m not learning anymore, I’ll leave.”

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  1. Thanks David.
    I notice that a related article is the “2013 mid year report card”.
    Will you be doing any of those this year? Just curious. Would be interesting to see what you would use to score each network. and what criteria you would use to rate them.

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