Returning: Inside Story. Bumped: Stalker.

Sunday is set to be a night of true crime, with Inside Story back into play on Nine.


Nine has made a switcheroo to next Sunday’s line-up, after low numbers for Stalker, and facing heated competition from Seven’s Catching Milat miniseries.

Inside Story returns with new episodes at 9:30pm, with more true crime analysis.

Two women who dare to say no are murdered by their spurned lovers hell bent on vengeance. Hosted by Leila McKinnon.

Stalker moves to 10:30pm with The Following remaining at 11:30pm. A Love Child repeat is now out.

Stalker was recently announced as not proceeding to a second season in the US.

Episode 8 – Deadly Revenge
Reporter: Alicia Loxley

Sunday night’s episode follows two women who dared to say no – and paid the ultimate price.

The first story is about Richard Giardina and Lisa Keem. He was the life of the party. She was searching for a soul mate.

From the very first time Lisa met Richard she knew he was different. And she was right. It was his first day back in Australia, having done time in a German jail, a secret that Richard revealed to Lisa at the outset. Her first mistake was to overlook this and ignore Richard’s past. She was smitten and, ever the optimist, convinced he would change.

But that disturbing revelation was the first of a great many alarm bells that rang over the next seven years. After the breakdown of their relationship Giardina moved interstate but, even with distance between them, Lisa lived in fear – and she was right to fear her estranged partner. Because Giardina had begun plotting a deadly revenge.

In the second story, the seething anger of spurned lover Mick Staines boils over into revenge and murder.

His estranged girlfriend, Claire Carey, was shot dead in bed next to her new lover by the enraged Staines.
And that new man in Claire’s life, lawyer Paul Gray, only just escaped with his own life.

We hear his remarkable story of survival as we retrace just how the break-up of this troubled relationship led to Claire being stalked and finally shot dead by the vengeful Staines.

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  1. Sunday night family entertainment seems largely dead though. More contest shows, sensationalism and celebrity news are where the money is. But then it’s not like there have been huge audiences for Poldark or NOLA when offered the chance.

    The bumping also stops Stalker competing with a new ep of Arrow on Go! Counterprogramming against your counter programming doesn’t make sense. This gives Nine a 6 hour block of new US dramas on Sunday nights outside of their main channel in primetime.

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