What next for Hamish & Andy?

Could it be Gap Year Africa, Gap Year Middle East .... or something new entirely?


They won the Logie for Most Popular Entertainment and both Hamish Blake and Andy Lee were individually nominated for the Gold.

Next on their calendar is more radio, returning to a national Drive slot soon.

But as two of the most popular faces on TV, what’s next for the duo?

Andy Lee says they are considering their next move, but acknowledges Gap Year has been a team effort.

“Hame and I are very grateful. We know we’re not the stars, it’s those weird people around the world that we’re visiting. So we should probably smelt and Logie and send it on to the Amazon, where most of those guys did the great work,” he says.

“We’ve done some research on Africa and the Middle East. Both of them are touchy in regards to logistics and security. I wouldn’t say there was any chance this year, but we haven’t put our passports away.

“But there’s been an opportunity to also look at some other ideas we’ve had over the last four years but haven’t managed to realise. We’re hoping in the next few months to settle on one of them that we like the most, to work it up and see if it’s good enough for broadcast.”

With any new television projects would come new network negotiations. Their last multi-year deal was rumoured to be worth between $15m – $17m, although it also included production costs for their shows.

Lee confirms the duo are no longer contracted to Nine at the moment.

“Yes. So if Nine is reading this, we’ve both been nominated for Gold so we’d probably be worth at least triple this time.”

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  1. Give them a tonight/variety/chat show (or whatever you want to call it). The closest thing we have is the project. Need more than that, as well as a place for people to perform outside of morning TV and X factor results shows.

    1. Hamish and Andy’s high-school like behaviour would win no friends at all. Sure, you might see a giraffe walking down the road or a car-load of falcons and yes, you get as many luxury cars per inch there as Hollywood, but, no, not a good idea. Yes you can also buy alcohol in Dubai but that doesn’t mean you can just go in and have a great old time on camera. Everything there has some consequence. I have done several freelance jobs for major businesses in the GCC and I would not recommend they go there for their type of show.

  2. They could try the middle east in that fairly independent area within Syria and Iraq, but probably best not to hang around too long or make too many dodgy jokes

  3. They’re going back to Australia’s worst low rating radio station which I think may affect their profiles. I think their success is getting to their heads a little bit I dunno did like the last comment that they’re triple the amount?? there’s always a bit of truth to something…

    1. Yes retirement please! I have never seen the appeal of these two twats! Not funny, they just seem to laugh at their own or each other’s “jokes” … go away Hamish and Andy!

    2. Wow – was not going to comment, cause I thought I was the only one on here who does not like their juvenile ‘humor’. And yes agree, send them to Siberia – in winter – lol.

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