No sign of Fear the Walking Dead


The poster teases, “Fear Begins Here” but Aussie viewers are beginning to ask, Fear Begins Where?

Less than a month to go before Fear the Walking Dead, prequel to the mega-hit The Walking Dead, launches in the US -and no Australian broadcaster has been announced.

Whilst The Walking Dead airs in Australia on the FX Channel on Foxtel, it could not confirm if it would be home for the show here.

An FX spokesperson recently said, “That’s still to be determined. I don’t think any channel’s officially done a deal for it yet.”

While replays have also screened on Presto, Foxtel is also yet to clarify if it has secured the show for another of its channels or streaming.

The series is produced by AMC Studios, which also produced Better Call Saul, available in Australia on Stan.

But a Stan spokesperson recently advised, “There’s no news from us on this.”

That doesn’t mean a deal won’t be secured in time for the August 23rd premiere, but time is slipping by, especially for key promotion.

Just last week the Department of Communications research indicated viewers wanted swifter access to international titles, to discourage rates of piracy in Australia. A hot title like Fear the Walking Dead could well be subjected to piracy if there are significant delays.

Fingers crossed good news is announced soon.


  1. There’s no way any Australian network will be airing it here in line with it’s US debut. I’m no expert but I’m guessing those deals take time to arrange, more time than they have before it begins.

    What it boils down to is if FX or anyone else wanted it they’d have secured the rights long before now.

    The networks and broadcasters all complain about torrents and piracy but with BS actions like this, completely ignoring a hotly anticipated show.

    If they b*tch about piracy of FTWD in Australia they’ll have no one to blame but themselves.

  2. Depends on you definition of ‘significant delays’, for some that might be a matter of hours, other are willing to wait a week for their show. The pilot for this show will be huge, they can’t afford to delay it.

    • It was reported that FX had the rights to Justified and The Walking Dead and sat on them until they were ready to launch the channel.

    • It actually isn’t available on Aus iTunes til the next day – which for me means I buy the season pass then use other means to get it asap. Can’t wait 24 hours or I don’t get to discuss on the message boards! And then I don’t feel guilty because I’m still paying to support my favourite show.

  3. AMC would want it on air ASAP too. So presumably they are asking a lot for it since no one has taken it.

    They are all playing chicken.

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