Jonathan LaPaglia to host Australian Survivor

It's a name from left field as Love Child's Jonathan LaPaglia is named as host of TEN reality show.


TEN has surprised everybody by naming actor Jonathan LaPaglia as host of Australian Survivor.

LaPaglia is best known for titles such as The Slap, Love Child, Underbelly and Cold Case.

He lands the role ahead of rumoured presenters including Rove McManus, Dr. Chris Brown, Steve “The Commando” Willis and Jamie Durie.

“They know I’m into outdoor pursuits and I guess they wanted someone who had some humanity for the contestants, but was also an authoritative figure. That’s how (the producers) put it to me. I think they must be talking about someone else though!” he told News Corp.

He has already met with Jeff Probst to probe him on the finer details of the role.

Earlier this year Beverley McGarvey told TV Tonight, “There is a lot of criteria the host has to fulfil and we do have somebody that we think will be fantastic.”

From all appearances Survivor is shaping up well for TEN, with more than 15,000 applicants it should be a killer cast, with filming due to begin soon in Samoa.

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  1. I am excited about Aussie Survivor. I feel have tapped on to a winner here. The public are tired of the Reno and New talent shows from conversations l have with family and friends.

  2. It always needed to be an authoritative figure, definitely not a job for someone with a comedy background. Any relatively new face is a good choice in my books, thank god it isn’t on 9 with Scott Cam.

  3. I agree this was probably a smart choice. I was kinda hoping for Rove as I trust Jeff Probst’s opinion. However, as good as Rove could potentially have been, I wonder if he was deemed too polarising or typecast for the gig.

  4. Left field indeed but a great choice. Pleased Ten has gone for a fresh face. Another show featuring Chris Brown would have been a turn off. Jamie Durie would have also been a good choice.

  5. A smart decision from Network Ten. A new personality who will hopefully deliver a fresh take on hosting responsibilities. From what I can see, Network Ten seems to persuade many Nine Network people to join their network… Julia Morris… now Jonathan.
    On a side-note… I think network ten may have a very strong second half of the year with Masterchef, The Bachelor/Bachelorette, Offspring, and Australian Survivor, only to name a few.

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