ABC defends against claims of low local content

"The ABC currently broadcasts between 55-57% per cent premiere Australian content on a weekly basis," says ABC.


The ABC has responded to an article in The Australian headlined “ABC local content hits new low.”

The article published yesterday claimed its primetime Australian content was being driven by News and Current Affairs, at up to 40% of the schedule, with 10-25% other Australian content over the past 4 weeks between 7pm – midnight.

Sunday programming has been dominated by British content, including the UK-produced David Attenborough’s Great Barrier Reef.

In a statement ABC said, “The ABC currently broadcasts between 55-57 per cent premiere Australian content on a weekly basis, including News and Current Affairs programming which is integral to the ABC and a central viewing priority for our audiences. No other network offers the same level of public affairs broadcasting, or the level of program quality that makes the ABC Australia’s most trusted source of news.

“The ABC also broadcasts significant other premiere Australian entertainment (including award winning drama, comedy and factual content) and specialist programming across Arts, Science and Religion which amounts for about 20 per cent of prime time programming. Our content has been recognised by both audiences and the industry for its quality and distinctiveness, including a record number of Logies nominations and the highest number of awards of any network.

“The ABC remains unchallenged in investment in digital programming and ABC iview leads the way in Australian first content making it Australia’s number one online TV service.

“We are confident we are meeting not just the requirements of the ABC charter but also the expectations of our audiences for high quality programming that is informative, entertaining and educational.”

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  1. So what’s new the Australian newspaper is owned by news limited and here we have a news limited publication attacking the ABC so what’s new .news limited hatred for the ABC is well known..the only local content I would like to see increased on ABC is local content for regional viewers . now that Fairfax and news limited have cut back in regional cities with local newspapers being decimated where they have no journalists left to cover local stories there isn’t much local content left for regional cities. the ABC needs to step in and provide local regional city news on TV for regional viewers as well . All Australians pay for our ABC not just capital city Australians .the ABC has to provide local news to its regional viewers .

  2. The Australian having a go at the ABC? What has the world come to?

    In order for them to come up with this supposedly record low figure, they limited the survey to 7pm-midnight and then excluded news and caff programs. The amount of local content is not great right now but it’s the same on the commercial channels. Take away the usually over-stuffed, over-long reality competition shows and there’s not a lot left.

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