Tom Gleeson: “You don’t blame me, you thank me”

Tom Gleeson has shrugged off any suggestion he hijacked TV's top accolade.

Tom Gleeson is happily taking credit for Grant Denyer’s Logie win.

“I felt sorry for him,” he told TV Tonight on the Logies red carpet.

“Poor Denyer doesn’t have a show. I’ve got a show. So what can I give him? I know I can cheer him up with a Gold Logie.”

But he also shrugged off any blame for hijacking TV’s top accolade.

“You don’t blame me, you thank me. If Denyer wins the Gold you say ‘Thanks Tom for shining a light on a talent that wasn’t being appreciated enough.'”

Meanwhile Grant Denyer was also steering clear of any collusion in Gleeson’s anti-campaign to help make a show axed due to low ratings the most popular winner.

“This last minute Denyer for Gold campaign has been crazy. I didn’t see that coming, it had nothing to do with me. But he went nuts!” joked Denyer.

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  1. As others have pointed out, Grant was nominated in the first place (and it wasn’t his first nomination), so his popularity is unquestionable. He was even nominated over recent previous winners, Carrie Bickmore and Waleed Aly. Something that is also important to note is the fact that it was only possible to vote once per mobile phone number, so a lot of people must have chosen to take the time to go online and vote. These votes, when added to the votes originally cast, were enough to get him across the line. Like it or not, more people chose to vote for him this year than anyone else. He’s been popular for 20 years and it’s his time to shine. Good for him!

  2. It’s interesting that this Grant Denyer show Family Feud is still going on and on and on isn’t it, how many more episodes are there to go?, any cynical observer would think this Gold Logies award was a plot to revive the public’s interest and give Family Feud a reprieve.

  3. I don’t agree with the campaign, or any of the campaigns for other nominees. However, Grant was popular enough to be nominated in the first place, so he is just as worthy as the other Gold nominees. I also think he is very brave for coming out and discussing his addiction to painkillers following his serious car racing accident.

  4. This is absolutely fantastic. So Australian. The “most popular” categories need to be taken much less seriously and this is one way to do it. Really the Logies should have about the same gravitas as MTV’s teen choice awards. Bravo Gleeson

  5. The whole thing is unfunny and juvenile. Grant has a strong body of work behind him fronting some of Australia’s most popular programs (Family Feud not withstanding) and is certainly a worthy winner. But audiences should be free to decide without aggressive advocating from tools, fools and tv networks.

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