Logie Awards 2019: nominees

Gold nods: Amanda, Rodger, Waleed, Costa, Tom Gleeson, Sam Mac & Eve Morey.

Amanda Keller, Rodger Corser, Waleed Aly, Tom Gleeson, Costa Georgiadis, Sam Mac & Eve Morey are all in the running for the Gold Logie this year.

3. of the Gold nominees are from Network 10, with 2 for ABC and 1 each for Seven and Nine.

First time inductees include Gardening Australia host Costa Georgiadis, Hard Quiz campaigner Tom Gleeson, who just announced he was quitting the show, Sunrise weatherman Sam Mac and Neighbours actress Eve Morey who exited the show in a dramatic cancer storyline.

Many were part of big social media campaigns this year.

Sarah Harris and Richard Wilkins announced the nominees at The Star on the Gold Coast this afternoon.

TV WEEK Editor Thomas Woodgate said: “I am thrilled by this year’s list of TV WEEK Logie Award nominees. Once again, the public have voted for their favourite TV shows and artists and made their voices heard – I’d like thank everyone for getting involved in choosing this year’s shortlist. And congratulations to everyone nominated; this has been another stellar year of television in this country and I can’t wait to see who takes home a shiny TV WEEK Logie on June 30 – good luck to everyone in the running.”

Full nominees:


Amanda Keller (The Living Room/Dancing With The Stars, 10)
Costa Georgiadis (Gardening Australia, ABC)
Eve Morey (Neighbours, 10)
Rodger Corser (Doctor Doctor, Nine Network)
Sam Mac (Sunrise, Channel Seven)
Tom Gleeson (Hard Quiz, ABC)
Waleed Aly (The Project, 10)


Aaron Pedersen (Mystery Road, ABC)
Guy Pearce (Jack Irish, ABC)
Luke McGregor (Rosehaven, ABC)
Ray Meagher (Home And Away, Channel Seven)
Rodger Corser (Doctor Doctor, Nine Network)
Ryan Moloney (Neighbours, 10)


Asher Keddie (The Cry, ABC)
Celia Pacquola (Rosehaven, ABC)
Deborah Mailman (Bite Club/Mystery Road, Nine Network/ABC)
Eve Morey (Neighbours, 10)
Jenna Coleman (The Cry, ABC)
Marta Dusseldorp (A Place To Call Home/Jack Irish, Foxtel/ABC)


Amanda Keller (The Living Room/Dancing With The Stars, 10)
Carrie Bickmore (The Project, 10)
Costa Georgiadis (Gardening Australia, ABC)
Julia Morris (Blind Date/I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here/Chris & Julia’s Sunday Night Takeaway, 10)
Tom Gleeson (Hard Quiz, ABC)
Waleed Aly (The Project, 10)


Bonnie Anderson (Neighbours, 10)
Courtney Miller (Home And Away, Channel Seven)
Dylan Alcott (The Set, ABC)
Eddie Woo (Teenage Boss, ABC)
Joe Jonas (The Voice Australia, Nine Network)
Tasia Zalar (Mystery Road, ABC)


Doctor Doctor (Nine Network)
Home And Away (Channel Seven)
Mystery Road (ABC)
Neighbours (10)
The Cry (ABC)
Wentworth (Foxtel)


Anh’s Brush With Fame (ABC)
Dancing With The Stars (10)
Gogglebox Australia (Foxtel/10)
Gruen (ABC)
Hard Quiz (ABC)
The Voice Australia (Nine Network)


Have You Been Paying Attention? (10)
Hughesy, We Have A Problem (10)
Rosehaven (ABC)
Russell Coight’s All Aussie Adventures (10)
Shaun Micallef’s Mad As Hell (ABC)
True Story With Hamish & Andy (Nine Network)


Australian Survivor: Champions Vs Contenders (10)
I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! (10)
Married At First Sight (Nine Network)
MasterChef Australia (10)
My Kitchen Rules (Channel Seven)
The Block (Nine Network)


Back In Time For Dinner (ABC)
Better Homes And Gardens (Channel Seven)
Gardening Australia (ABC)
Selling Houses Australia (Foxtel)
The Living Room (10)
Travel Guides (Nine Network)


7.30 (ABC)
60 Minutes (Nine Network)
A Current Affair (Nine Network)
Australian Story (ABC)
Four Corners (ABC)
The Project (10)


Dundee: Australia’s Tourism Ad In Disguise – Tourism Australia
Frank – Westpac
I Am The Captain Of My Own Soul – Invictus Games
Naked Wrestling – KFC
Santa Crashes Christmas – Aldi
Serena Project: I Touch Myself – Berlei


Doctor Doctor (Nine Network)
Mystery Road (ABC)
Neighbours (10)
Secret City: Under The Eagle (Foxtel)
Wentworth (Foxtel)


Bloom (Stan)
Olivia Newton-John: Hopelessly Devoted To You (Channel Seven)
On The Ropes (SBS)
Pine Gap (ABC)
The Cry (ABC)


Aaron Pedersen (Mystery Road, ABC)
Bryan Brown (Bloom, Stan)
Jay Ryan (Fighting Season, Foxtel)
Robbie Magasiva (Wentworth, Foxtel)
Scott Ryan (Mr Inbetween, Foxtel)


Danielle Cormack (Secret City: Under The Eagle, Foxtel)
Jenna Coleman (The Cry, ABC)
Judy Davis (Mystery Road, ABC)
Leah Purcell (Wentworth, Foxtel)
Nicole Chamoun (On The Ropes, SBS)


Bernard Curry (Wentworth, Foxtel)
Ewen Leslie (Fighting Season, Foxtel)
Frankie J Holden (A Place To Call Home, Foxtel)
Ian Meadows (Dead Lucky, SBS)
Wayne Blair (Mystery Road, ABC)


Asher Keddie (The Cry, ABC)
Celia Ireland (Wentworth, Foxtel)
Jacki Weaver (Bloom, Stan)
Keisha Castle-Hughes (On The Ropes, SBS)
Susie Porter (The Second, Stan)


Australian Ninja Warrior (Nine Network)
Eurovision – Australia Decides 2018 (SBS)
Gogglebox Australia (Foxtel/10)
Have You Been Paying Attention? (10)
True Story With Hamish & Andy (Nine Network)


Bluey (ABC)
Grace Beside Me (SBS/NITV)
Mustangs FC (ABC)
Teenage Boss (ABC)
The Bureau Of Magical Things (10)


Australia Vs India; Second Test In Perth (Foxtel)
Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games (Channel Seven)
Invictus Games Sydney 2018 (ABC)
Supercars Championship: Bathurst (10)
The 2018 FIFA World Cup (SBS)


“James Comey Interview” (7.30, ABC)
“Leadership Spill” (Sky News, Foxtel)
“Out Of The Dark” (Four Corners, ABC)
“Townsville Flood Disaster” (7 News, Channel Seven)
“Who Cares?” (Four Corners, ABC)


Employable Me (ABC)
Exposed: The Case Of Keli Lane (ABC)
Ron Iddles: The Good Cop (Foxtel)
Taboo (10)
The Pacific – In The Wake Of Captain Cook With Sam Neil (Foxtel)


Australian Survivor: Champions Vs Contenders (10)
House Rules (Channel Seven)
Married At First Sight (Nine Network)
MasterChef Australia (10)
The Block (Nine Network)

The Logies will air on Nine on Sunday June 30.

Who will win the Gold Logie 2019?

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  1. Do the Logies still consider certain categories ‘Silver Logie’ (e.g. Most Popular Actor/Actress) and ‘Logie’ (e.g. Most Outstanding Public Affairs Report)? I add the Logie nominations to IMDB every year, but it’s been hard the last couple of years to know if there is still this differentiation.

  2. A correction for one nominee “Eurovision – Australia Decides 2019” in the Most Outstanding Entertainment Program category. It’s definitely 2019 as this was the first time they did this type of show and it screened earlier in the year for this year’s Eurovision.

    It’s very confusing having nominees from both 2018 and 2019.

  3. Well it’s nice to see Neighbours being nominated after so long. I remember when they were always nominated then suddenly stopped whereas Home & Away is still always nominated. Never understood why Home &n Away is more popular, I find them equal. Hopefully the Neighbours noms will win & will give it a boost in ratings. As for that Con guy, never heard of him. Last year it was that Winter bloke.

        1. I tried to do a search on last year’s Logie posts, but I couldn’t see all the comments. I’m sure I stated, when Grant Denyer won, as I knew he would, that it would be Amanda’s turn next year.

  4. Really, to be worthy of Gold Logie nomination, your name should at least be known by every TV watcher in Australia. This year there are two I have never heard of (which is fine for the lower categories, because nobody can watch everything, but not for the top award) – one a momentary weather person, I hear, and the other a single-part actress in a poorly rating soap.

    I know it is meant to be a “popular” award, but I would love to see the viewers of Aus reward people who have contributed to our industry in multiple ways over a period of time, not today’s flash-in-the-pan. Maybe use the peer-nominated system to select a range of options, and then get the public to vote on which is the most popular from those.

      1. I was thinking more of peer nominations, not the networks. Either way, maybe there would need to be some rules like: the person has to have done more than one role, must meet a minimum screen time requirement, must be someone who has contributed to the industry in a positive way (not just a single acting role). I’m baffled as to why Ten would think a Neighbours actress is worthy of the Gold, unless they have another agenda to push.

        1. I think Eve got a lot of votes because of the way she portrayed a young mother dying of cancer and she did a really good job of that. Plus she also works as a coach for young actors.

        2. Don’t forget that the “poorly rating soap” was nominated for Outstanding Drama this year, which not just implies but irrefutably states that the industry sees it as a leader in its field. As Deejays highlighted, Eve did a truly remarkable job of portraying a young mother dying of cancer – that storyline is responsible for five of the six nominations that Neighbours scored this year. Regarding your suggestion that a Gold Logie nominee needs to have had “more than one role”, how would someone who wasn’t an actor qualify for “most popular personality” if they needed to have fulfilled “more than one role”? How did Rove qualify? Waleed Aly? Carrie Bickmore? Hamish Blake? I do understand your point, but I don’t know how that would work. Ultimately, the public voted and these are the nominees. We can’t let the public vote and then complain about the outcome of the popular…

          1. I agree with Fiona on this one. I voted for Eve in the popular actress category but not in the Gold. She was outstanding for all us Neighbours viewers, but the Gold Logie winner should be someone who is a household name for all the nation. I know that’s harder today with all the choices we have in viewing over four or five stations historically, but if these unknown people win Gold over people who have survived and been very popular in the industry the Logies will loose its meaning for me. They are tv awards, not social media awards, even though unfortunately some wins have happened that way in recent years.

  5. And in an instant, the credibility of the Logies is forever removed. How can you have someone that is on TV for about 18 minutes a day in 3 minute blocks, who is on a program that rarely makes the top 20 watched and never cracks 300k viewers be up for the Gold Logie. Graham Kennedy would be rolling in his grave…

    1. As likeable as he is, i do agree with you. The hosts or news reader (Koch, Armytage or Barr) are more worthy for Gold as they appear way more often than the weatberman.

      Whats next for the 2020 Gold? The presenter of the Lotto that appear on our screens for 1 minute a week? Lol

  6. So happy to see Eve nominated. She has been brilliant on neighbours over the years and her last storyline was just so dramatic and well written and beautifully acted by both her and Ryan.
    No sunrise nomination this year.
    Good to see DWTS nominated.
    Gold logie, people will complain about Waleed. Costa was a surprise. Amanda would be a great winner.
    Nothing against Carrie but how long has she has been on maternity leave for? I guess it’s the past year you can vote for but she hasn’t been on our screens for awhile.

  7. Tom then Amanda for me. I’m happy that Costa is included this year… Very popular and likable guy. Wouldn’t be surprised at all if he got up and would be very happy if he did.

    The rest, meh.

  8. Neighbours’ nominations are history-making. The “Outstanding Drama” category didn’t exist back in its heyday, so this marks its first nomination in this category. To be nominated for both Most Popular and Outstanding Drama in its 35th year is (obviously) unprecedented in Australian television history, and regardless of what happens on the night, the show has just just added to its already impressive list of ground-breaking achievements. Congratulations to everyone involved in the production! Letting Eve go was a massive mistake, but the incredible storyline involving her departure has led to Neighbours receiving high profile recognition for the first time in years, so there’s a silver lining to that particular cloud. I know most people see it as a lightweight show, but the Industry nomination suggests that it has more weight than some give it credit for. I couldn’t be happier!

  9. Well done on all the nominees! Costa and Sam Mac surprises me. Neighbors is finally getting recognition. Peter Cundall will always be my favourite Gardening Australia presenter. I’d like Amanda or Tom to win.

  10. Always amazed how many channel 10 shows are nominated (comparatively) given they always rate well below 9 and 7. Shows how quality content isn’t recognised in the ratings.

  11. I’m sorry but how is Sam Mac up for a Gold Logie. No offence to Sam but there really needs to be some criteria for the top award of the night. Sam is on screen for 3 mins every half hour while sunrise is on. Just makes a mockery of the awards.

    The sporting coverage category always makes me laugh too. Channel 10 get nominated (and I think have won) for the Supercars coverage of Bathurst. They don’t even produce the coverage….. they barely even show the races these days.

  12. I watched and loved ‘The Cry’, but must admit to having had no idea it was an Australian production (even partly), I’d just presumed it was an UK ITV show that was filmed here, in line with where the book was set.
    While obscure, it’s also nice to see a few fresh faces up for the Gold Logie.

  13. Am happy with the acting awards overall (both popular and outstanding categories).

    Sam Mac up for a Gold Logie Award? That surprised me. Id thought that the hosts wpuld be there.

    Joe Jonas up for New Talent? I thought “pop stars” werent allowed to be up for a new talent award after Mr Maddern won for The Voice a few years back.

  14. Neighbours finally gets back into Drama categories. Ryan and Eve deserves the best actor logies. Their work in last few years has been fantastic. Devastated Eve was let go from Neigbours!

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