Returning: Days of Our Lives, The Young & The Restless

9GEM has now revealed more info on the return of US soaps Days of Our Lives and The Young & the Restless.

The Young & the Restless begins with a catch-up marathon from 10am – 2pm Saturday August 31. These cover periods from March – October 2018.

Days of Our Lives catch-up episodes will screen from 2 – 7pm Saturday August 31. These span periods from 2013 – October 2018.

 There are also some market variations:

Y&R 10am-1pm
DOOL 1pm – 5pm

Y&R 10:30am-2:30pm
DOOL 2:30pm – 6:30pm

Daily episodes of Y&R (6 months behind US) and DOOL (8 months behind US) then screen daily:

Days of Our Lives 1pm Monday Sept 2 9GEM
The Young & the Restless 2pm Monday Sept 2 9GEM

Update: Due to M classification these marathons will no longer proceed but screen next week from Monday Sept 2 – Friday Sept 6 in the new 1pm DOOL and 2pm Y&R slots.


  1. I’ve noted David in this article you mention 9GEM rather than 9GEMHD. This means 9 will cease 9GEMHD when the Ashes finishes? Such a shame really because I’ve been enjoying some of those afternoon shows, especially Antiques Roadshow in HD. The assumption here is both DOOL and TYATR are filmed in HD. So it will be back to watching programs through a fog. I’d be interested to know if there has been any lift in ratings for other programs since 9GEMHD was introduced.

  2. Days was last aired on Australian TV in 2009/2010 so they’re only doing a catch up from 2013 ? What about the other years, and the Catch Up episodes are not on the TV guide

  3. Although I dont watch these shows, it is good that they are sgowing “catch-up shows” (aka highlights from the previous months/years), for the fans out there.

  4. so DOOL catch up will be from 2013 to 2018 but YR will just be from march 2018 to October 2018?

    was hoping both shows would be 3 months behind but 6 and 8 months aren’t too bad

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