Returning: Zumbo’s Just Desserts

Dessert cooking show returns to Seven next Sunday after a 2 year absence.

Zumbo’s Just Desserts returns to Seven next Sunday after a 2 year absence.

The show had a tough first season but found an international audience through Netflix, making a renewal more viable for Seven.

The show returns with Adriano Zumbo and Rachel Khoo, with 10 contestants competing across Sunday -Wednesdays.

Ten of Australia’s most passionate dessert makers are put to the test on Zumbo’s Just Desserts.
Tonight’s Sweet Sensations Task is all about magic!

In a homage to the art of conjuring and illusion, our competitors must create magical desserts that melt, crack and lift away, to reveal an inner delight. Who will bewitch and beguile with their creations?

Two contestants will be sent to the Zumbo Test in a fight for survival. Roll up! Roll up! Zumbo will make the impossible possible as he reveals his most magical dessert yet. What secrets lie beneath the dome? It will be good night and sweet dreams for the weakest dessert maker.

7pm Sunday on Seven.

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  1. I am actually looking forward to this after rewatching season 1 on Netflix recently. I think 4 nights a week is a bit excessive with only 10 contestants. Season 1 was 12 contestants with 12 episodes. The stripped format means I will probably binge on it through catchup later in the week. If you miss one night you don’t have any time to catch up before the next episode.

    I also agree with others, hope they give Gigi a rest. Her voice was very annoying and I didn’t feel she added anything to the show.

  2. I seem to remember this wasn’t particularly a ratings smash last time out (though given it was two years ago my memory could be playing tricks on me). Either way, a little puzzling to have this renewed after such a length of time?

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