What I’ve Been Watching: Kumi Taguchi

ABC’s Compass presenter Tumi Taguchi is a fan of Stateless, Netflix reality Terrace House and Australian Ninja Warrior.

Here’s what else is on her list….

What’s on your Must See TV list lately and why?
KT: I am embarrassed because the list is long. I will truncate for dignity. ABC’s Stateless, of course. It is so well made, well cast and is so Australian, yet has a universal message. I binged The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez on Netflix recently, it’s about the death of an 8-year-old boy who was tortured and murdered by his mother and her boyfriend. It’s hard to watch and terribly sad. But it reminded me of how many important stories only come to light because of a tenacious journalist and a supportive editor. I rewatched Moneyball, thanks SBS on Demand. In this age of series and endlessness, I like the experience of a film, where there is a definite beginning, middle and end.

What are your Guilty Pleasure shows?
KT: I dropped the word “guilty” a while back but at the top of the list is Terrace House on Netflix. It’s Big Brother, Japanese style. Six housemates, 3 guys, 3 girls. No boobs or bums, there is no winner, not everyone is there for a relationship, housemates come and go and live their normal lives. It is subtle and sometimes wonderfully boring. It might take someone four episodes to ask someone out… for a coffee. The icing on the cake is a panel of commentators, who pop up a few times each episode. They are watching, too, and brutally rip apart the goings on inside the (always beautifully designed) house. They are savage in their analysis and incredibly funny.

What show you would secretly love to appear on?
KT: Um, Terrace House – as a commentator! Only problem is I would have to be funny and speak fluent Japanese. So, I would say Australian Ninja Warrior or Australian Survivor. The first, I would be lucky to make it through the auditions. The second, I think I would have a chance. I am really competitive when it comes to sports, all my niceness goes out the window. But I love teamwork and a physical challenge and I really don’t mind discomfort. I have run a marathon near Uluru and sailed the Sydney to Hobart over five days, so I reckon I would go OK.

When you settle down for a night on the couch what are your ‘must-haves?’
KT: My couch routine usually runs in two, odd, stages. The first: a cup of tea, usually French Earl Grey with a biscuit or four (I am partial to those Dutch spice biscuits, you know the ones shaped like a windmill?). A bit later, I might follow up with a decaf long black and some dark chocolate, like Lindt 85 percent. The higher percentage makes it healthier, right? It’s practically a super food. If I am watching Terrace House, then a glass of red and some chips. The whole experience needs to be blatantly indulgent and fun. Kettle Chips are my go-to, they also seem healthier because they are hand-cut and sprinkled with sea salt. I love my chips. I could happily eat chips for dinner.

Is Religion still the focus of Compass? What highlights can we look forward to in coming weeks?
KT: Religion and spirituality is still very much a strand of Compass, but equally we focus on social issues, ethical conundrums and philosophical questions. Our schedule, like every media organisation, has been disrupted by coronavirus. We can’t film a lot of what we had planned but we have quite a few programs on the shelf: two great Easter programs – a one-hour prime-time special with Jeremy Fernandez, plus another which looks at renewal and the ANZAC story of sacrifice. If you’re into clothing and sustainability, you’ll love our program on circular fashion. And we have a heart-warming episode on home sharing.

Compass airs 6:30pm Sundays on ABC.


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    Oh my goodness, yes! Let’s get Kumi on Aus Survivor!!! She would be interesting to watch, plus the conversations to come from her presence would be amazing.

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