Survivor (US) delayed from Fiji restart

Production on Survivor US has been further delayed with filming for seasons 41 and 42 in Fiji rumoured to be out until April-July 2021.

Due to the Fijian government’s new COVID-19 safety measures, the country’s borders remain closed to most non-citizens. Nadi International Airport is also closed to commercial airlines and a ‘Bula Bubble’ proposal with New Zealand and Australia is yet to get off the ground,

Shifting the series seems unlikely given the Fijian government provides big incentives to producers and with pre-production on season 41 having taken place from January – April, many of the props and equipment are already in place.

Survivor also has a 400+ production team, including many Australians in high priority roles. But the ban on travel could limit any inclusion, if not deemed as “essential.”

What this means to the Australian series (assuming it is correct) is also unclear. There has been some chatter around shooting domestically, but Fiji remains the favoured destination for the same reasons as the US.

10 Upfronts are due in mid October, with The Amazing Race Australia tipped to take its place, at least in Q1.

Source: Inside Survivor


  1. As much as Fiji pays for it (surely with diminishing returns) I’m amazed CBS haven’t got a continuity plan in place to film a season domestically – after years stuck on a set in Fiji it could somewhat give the franchise a boost worth as much as any tax rebate – and if CBS can shell out for the low rated Love Island surely they can for their number one reality show.

  2. @sookers : Yeah, I’ve done the same. Tried the first episodes of both South Africa and New Zealand. Rather enjoyed the SA take so I’m sticking with that but absolutely hated the NZ one.

        • to TV or not to TV

          Yes that is true as indicated in the article. However the cost of delaying/non production of a season might cost more than the incentive itself. Must be one helluva incentive. My point in my previous comment is that it seems that locations are “locked” into contracts.

  3. Started watching Survivor South Africa on 10 Play to help fill the giant survivor hole in my life. Seems a good series so far, but the ads on 10 Play are so intrusive.

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