Most popular Reality shows in the USA by state

California loves Selling Sunset, while Survivor remains king in Massachusetts and Missouri...

California loves Selling Sunset, Dr Pimple Popper scores in Iowa and North Dakota while Survivor remains king in Massachusetts and Missouri.

UK-based fashion retailer PrettyLittleThing has ranked the most popular reality shows in the USA on a state by state basis (with apologies to Hawaii and Alaska).

The methodology looked at the highest and lowest-rated TV shows using IMBD. They then went state by state to check out the TV favourites for each and calculated the answer by using volumes for each show. They also looked at which shows were most popular with each gender.

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  1. “highest and lowest-rated TV shows using IMBD” –
    you mean where I nominate a number between 1 and 10 for a show.

    If they had used the Nielsen or equivalent ratings – then OK.

    But this way sounds like oranges and apples comparison to me.

  2. This seems a bit suss considering the huge number of shows mentioned. Like the torrent map in the links you’d expect a handful of shows to dominate the map rather than no show top the list in more than two states.

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