“We are shooting again in Australia”

Australian Survivor is about to start filming its 2022 season.

Filming for the next season of Australian Survivor is about to get underway.

Host Jonathan LaPaglia told TV Tonight, “We are shooting again in Australia. I can’t reveal the location yet. And I can’t reveal what the theme is yet.

“But it is a them that has been done in the past in the US I can tell you that much. But I can’t say what it is yet.”

In August posters began circulating in Townsville for people in their 20s and 30s who were physically fit, enthusiastic and available from September 11 through to November 6.

Townsville Bulletin reported access to Big Bend and Echo Hole camping areas were restricted for three months for a television production project.

“Signage, fencing and security will be in place to inform persons of the area’s temporary restrictions, and to provide visitors with alternative locations to visit,” a public notice said.

“Council is encouraging people to utilise the region’s other camping areas.”

Back in February TV Tonight speculated that the Endemol Shine series would shoot two seasons in Queensland to help amortise production costs.

Australian Survivor final screens 7pm Sunday on 10.

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  1. There was a casting application for next season, so I don’t think it will be a Blood vs. Water themed season. I think it’s more of a Fans vs. Favourites. Possibly, a Blood vs. Water vs. Fans themed season? A bit far-stretched, but this is Australian version, so anything is possible! Hahaha.

    I hope the producers listen to us regarding hidden immunity idols. Way too many for a single season. That alone ruined what it could have been a great season.

  2. Yes your correct…It’s being filmed near Charters Towers. About half hour up the highway from Charters Towers. My cousin in Charters Towers told me that.

  3. Always happy to see a Survivor renewal! Hopefully they listen to feedback from this year. No more stupid twists and stop saving people for no reason!!! The gameplay was so good this year but ruined by the stupid producers twists every 2 seconds. Hope it improves i will watch… i know ppl who wont be back next year!

    1. What stupid producers twists? Not sure why people can’t come back into the game, that’s been done in the US too. Not sure why people complain about it. It’s a game that can change. This year has been amazing.

  4. It has to be a Blood vs Water theme! Returning Australian Survivor superstars playing against their friends/cousins/parents/siblings I’d say!

    Interesting how they’ve chosen Townsville! I always heard the rumors of Charters Towers being the filming location, but it appears I’m wrong as usual!…

    Finally, I predict this will go up in Q1 against MAFS, much like Australian Survivor: All-Stars in 2020?

    1. While I do think it will be BvW, I don’t think that it will be with returning players as they /just/ did all stars (plus are recruiting players via poster and online applications) – I think it will be Blood vs Water with new castaways, could be a very interesting dynamic!

  5. I’ve enjoyed the scenery, flora and fauna so much this season. So good to see more of Australia will feature next season, also. The challenge sets have been amazing also.

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