Better Homes & Gardens: May 10

This week it's a Mother's Day theme.

Better Homes & Gardens this week adopts a Mother’s Day theme.

Dr Harry – Taronga Zoo’s New Mums And Bubs
There’s been a baby boom at the world-famous Taronga Zoo and Dr Harry can’t wait to give you a peep at the four-legged, furry and flippered bubbas. You’ll get insights into how the Zoo not only helps rehabilitate injured animals but is helping breed those that are endangered in the wild. From Pygmy Hippos, Seals, Chimps and Red Pandas, Harry celebrates Mother’s Day with the full zoo tour and even gets to help feed a few animals as well.

Johanna – Sunday Kitchen: Family Feast
To celebrate Mother’s Day, Joh meets a mother/daughter duo whose shared love of food is so great, they turned it into a thriving business. While they teach classes on how to whip up a delicious, traditional middle eastern spread for the family, cooking is only half the lesson. Sharing tales of family is a key ingredient to their food education and of course, a successful dinner. If you can’t get to one of their classes, you’re in luck, because tonight they’ll share the secrets to one of their favourite recipes, deluxe slow cooked lamb with traditional rice, bread, salad and dip.

Clarissa – Pork Dumplings (Pot Stickers)
Chinese pan-fried Pork Dumplings or Potstickers, as they’re affectionately known, may have a less than flattering name, but they’re more than tasty! Between the dumplings, the chilli based dipping sauce and the crispy lace cooked around the dumplings, you’ve got a dish that looks good enough to be served in a restaurant. Besides the amazing taste, these dumplings are perfect for freezing… if you can prevent your family from eating them first!

Colin – Mothers Day – Simple Bacon & Sweetcorn Fritters With Maple Syrup
Is there a better way to spoil your mum on Mother’s Day than to cook her a delicious brunch? Colin doesn’t think so and he’s got the perfect recipe to do just that. He’ll show you how to cook the simplest, fluffiest and yummiest bacon and sweetcorn fritter you’ve ever eaten. In fact, they’re so easy the kids will have a lot of fun helping out too. So, start Mother’s Day off right, with the dish Colin calls “love on a plate.”

Melissa – Say It With Flowers
Can you have too many flowers? Mum probably doesn’t think so. And if just giving mum flowers for Mother’s Day doesn’t sound like enough, perhaps you could go to a flower farm like Fleurs De Lyonville and pick your own. This is where we’ll find Melissa, meeting the owners, Chris, Janae and their two kids and discovering the story behind their journey of success. With so many flowers here, it’s hard to choose a favourite, but the “IT” girl of the dahlia world might just stand out the most. And of course, there’s plenty of tips that you can use to grow and pick your own beautiful Zinnias, Cosmos and all sorts of colourful flowers.

Charlie – Newrybar Walkaround
What do you get when combine Australia’s climate, our large native plant palette, and our love of the outdoors? The quintessential Australian Garden. Perched high up in the Byron Bay hinterland, Charlie meets Landscape Designer Grant Boyle, who has created one such garden, combining those attributes with architectural elements. As Charlie and Grant run through the many highlights of this vast garden, there will be plenty of fantastic ideas that you can implement at your place.

Juliet – Smashed Flowers
Giving your mum flowers on Mother’s Day is always a good idea, but at best they’ll last a couple of weeks. But what if there was a way to give your mum her favourite flowers that last forever? I’m glad you asked, because Juliet is going to run through a technique to press flowers into long-lasting items liked tote bags, tea towels and even cards. With this practice you’re only limited by your imagination, so get the mallet out get creative and have some fun.

Adam – Sort Ya Doors – Scraping Screen Doors
Everyone has those little problems with our home that we get so used to that we forget about fixing. And a screen door that scrapes on the ground is definitely one of those problems that can get pretty annoying. Adam’s found a home with this issue, so he’ll show you how to identify why the door is scraping and then provide the solution. And if you’re about to add a new screen door, he has some tips to get the installation right the first time, so it never scrapes in the future. This is one little problem that will make a big difference to your quality of life.

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