Between the Lines, a little more Ed…

edmcguireNine will today film Between the Lines, a pilot for a new sports / variety show to be fronted by Eddie McGuire, Mick Molloy, and Rachael Finch according to the Sunday Herald Sun.

It follows previous sports-style pilots and talk shows ideas featuring McGuire and would mark the third variety format for Molloy and Nine.

The pilot is reportedly being considered for a Monday night slot, a night where Footy Classified has previously aired.

And on top of the Hey Hey its Saturday season and The Footy Show it would also return some showbiz glory to the GTV9 studios.

The set would see presenters and guests on a round “island” stage, surrounded by the audience and feature live acts, big international guests, and audience participation.

“It will be a very different set and something we haven’t seen before,” a source told the newspaper.

“It will have a strong sports influence, but not be completely dominated by sport.”

In August McGuire shot another panel show pilot with Peter Berner.

If this one got picked up the new show would be likely to commence after the Winter Olympics, given McGuire is a presenter in Vancouver. Added to his MMM radio slot, Hot Seat gigs, plus other media commitments, it would put the “Everywhere” back into the “Eddie.”

Source: Sunday Herald Sun


  1. Wasn’t I so lucky ! I missed the first programme ! Please read ….Between the Lines… How on earth could anyone be expected to watch that

    rubbish Channel 9 calls entertainment.

    Its a shame that a few very talented athletes have to put themselves through that 60 minutes of television trivia.

    Don’t worry champs, you’re athletic achievements will live on. That won’t.

    I’ll give it a few more episodes before being dumped from the screen or abandoned to the sometimes waste bin of GO.

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