Georgie Parker joins Home and Away

Gold Logie winner Georgie Parker is joining the cast of Home and Away.

Parker, who most recently appeared on City Homicide, will revive a former character -‘Roo’ (Ruth) Stewart, originally played by actress Justine Clarke.

As the daughter of Alf Stewart (Ray Meagher) she returns to Summer Bay after years of living abroad.

“I’m thrilled to be back at Channel Seven and to be part of Home and Away,” Parker said. “Working with Ray is a joy. We are having a fantastic time together. The whole cast and crew have been wonderful.”

Series Producer Cameron Welsh said: “We had such a positive reaction to Emily Symons’ return as Marilyn; we trust the fans will love having an original character such as ‘Roo’ back in the Bay. Securing Georgie Parker to bring her back to our screens is a real coup for the show.”

The role of ‘Roo’ was a sentimental favourite with viewers when portrayed by Justine Clarke from 1988-89, memorable for her romance with ‘Frank’ (Alex Papps) and resentment of ‘Ailsa’ (Judy Nunn). It helped make Clarke a favourite with Australian viewers.

Georgie Parker had 7 years at the helm of All Saints for the network, and another three in A Country Practice earlier. In recent years she has also appeared as both actress and presenter across Nine, TEN and the ABC in Scorched, The Society Murders, Stepfather of the Bride, Animal Emergency, Clever, Emerald Falls and Play School.

She has commenced filming on the series and will be on air later this year.


  1. Dear Catherine ,
    Yes those things make Justine very busy but also her latest acting work Tangle – season 2 and perhaps a Season 3 is also keeping her busy.

  2. No.

    No, no, no, no, no.

    I have no problem with Georgie being on the show, but making her such an iconic character is really disrespectful to the audience and comparing her to the return of Marilyn is insult to injury (How is Cameron Welsh still around, anyway?). Granted plenty of actors have taken over roles that have looked nothing like the original actor, but getting a big name who looks nothing like Roo to do this seems deeply cynical.

    Also, has Roo suddenly aged about 10 years? (I looked it up – she’s aged 7 years)

  3. no offence to Georgie she was great in ACP all saints and fire but she sure as hell is not Roo that role can only be played by 1 person and 1 person only and that is Justine clarke bringing any other actress into play that role is just stupid if they couldnt get Justine to play that role then they should not bring Roo back i hope home and away bombs during that time

  4. Not sure about this casting.

    Georgie Parker is a good actress, but maybe a bit too good for Home and Away.

    Plus Justine Clarke was great as Roo – but I guess she’s moved onto other things and prefers not to look back. If he had been keen on coming back I’m sure Home and Away would have asked her back long before now.

    Will be quite strange seeing Georgie Parker on it – or maybe the producers want to have more quallity actors on the show?

  5. one of the most bizarre castings i have ever heard of… just dont see it myself… Justine must no longer be a fit…or why is Georgie doing this role…strange

  6. I hate it when soaps change the actor of a loved character.
    But my main gripe with this is that there is about a 7 year age gap between Georgie and Justine. At least choose someone close in age to Justine.

  7. this just seems bizzare! first up, I’m not a fan of H&A, but I was back in the day… used to love Roo, can’t believe it’s been so long. But Georgie, as Roo just seems so odd. Yes she’s talented and great, but so don’t buy her as this character. Guess Justine’s just too busy with everything else

  8. I love Georgie Parker and am happy the Roo character is back, however after watching H & A since 1988, I’m sorry but Roo is definitely – Justine Clarke and no one else. This could be as big a disaster as the Declan switch in Neighbours!

  9. Justine said she wouldnt go back to Home and Away and she is busy with 3 young kids and play school and doing concerts for children. She cant fit it in.

    At first I thought it was strange but it will be good to see Georgie play Alfs daughter and join the bay. I loved Georgie on All Saints and ACP. Its just a shame that we didnt get the chance to see her and Jodi work on screen together as mother and daughter.

  10. Flamin' Alf's flamin' hat

    Oh what???? What about Justine Clarke??? You can’t have Roo changing her appearance like this, no matter how long she’s been away from Summer Bay!!! This one doesn’t look anything like Roo, even 22 years on!!!

  11. Thats what I thought when Pippa changed but viewers got used to it .
    If only Martha could have stayed long enough to see her mother’s return !!
    A few weeks ago on Home and Away The Early Years it was the episode where Martha was born. Wouldn’t Roo have to have an American accent after 18 years living in New York??

  12. Macarthurblack

    Oh. My. Gosh.

    I do love Georgie but would love to see Justine Clarke playing her again. Georgie wouldn’t have been my first choice to play her but I’m sure she’ll do a great job. It’s also good to see past characters come back which gives it a more realistic feel. I would love to see Dannii Minogue’s character Emma Jackson come back, even just for a visit.

  13. I’d prefer to see Justine come back to the role. I admit to having had a teenage crush on her way back then, and even now still linger by the TV a bit longer when Play School is on for the kids.

  14. How much stronger can Home and Away get now ??
    That is excellent news. You could watch the original Roo on Home and Away The Early Years and the new Roo on Home and Away – The Now Years.
    When Roo returns is gonna be a very happy moment.

  15. i don’t watch Home and Away, but it’s good to see Georgie Parker join the show. She’s a great actress, and would be a great member of the team.

    Is she going to be a permanent member on the show, or just a short gig?

  16. Excellent seeing an original character Roo Stewart back in the bay. But I’m not sure Georgie Parker suits it, she’s a little typecast isn’t she, would have much preferred to have had the original actress reprise the role.

  17. Love Georgie … Love Home & Away too!
    She will be a great addition to the cast and a nice change to so many of the “loose moraled” younger females …

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