Returning: Sea Patrol

The fifth and final season of Sea Patrol has been scheduled by Nine.

Known as “Damage Control” it will tackle the threat of terrorism in Australia from 8:30pm Tuesday April 26th.

A suicide bomb attack in a nightclub has a shocking impact on the crew of HMAS Hammersley. Dutchy goes undercover with the SAS to capture a group of deadly extremists before they can attack Australian targets. 2Dads risks his life to save Hammersley from a bomb attack. Kate’s world is rocked when her former lover, SAS officer Jim Roth, returns to Hammersley. Mike risks his career by refusing to co-operate with a high ranking ASIO spy. Stars: Lisa McCune, Ian Stenlake, Conrad Coleby, Ditch Davey, Tammy McIntosh, John Batchelor.

The new series will follow AFP and air against Winners and Losers . But Nine has also made further changes to its line up that sees CSI: New York pulled from the schedule just a day after it was locked in.

Tues Apr 26
7:00 The Big Bang Theory rpt
7:30 Customs
8:00 AFP: Australian Federal Police (premiere)
8:30 Sea Patrol
9:30 Top Gear rpt
10:50pm Kitchen Nightmares

CSI: NY is now out.



  1. Well, Winners and Losers turned out to be crap too, didn’t it? SP5 will meander along with it’s daggy scripting and poor acting and will be sunk by Underbelly 26 or that Keddie/Hany hospital crap. Perhaps John Edwards should dissapear along with Hal and Di, given the nonsense he’s pumping out these days, but at least his current favorite in Asher Keddie is a marginally better actor than McCune, though that’s not saying much. Very curious to see who he casts in his Beaconsfield TVM. I hear Eric Bana wants to be Brant. Who will be Russell? I bet it’s the overrated, overexposed Kenny bloke. So much for fresh innovation in casting approach John.

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