Update: CSI: New York, In Their Footsteps.

Nine has slated some replays of In Their Footsteps already, which may not go down well with fans of CSI: New York.

It will replay at 9:30pm tomorrow night on Nine, replacing CSI: New York which was due to return. The latter is now back a week later, May 17.

However, in Melbourne, Underbelly (series 1) remains at 9:30pm.

There are further replays of In Their Footsteps at 3pm Sunday in Sydney and Brisbane and 4pm elsewhere, preceded by a replay of Big.


  1. For goodness sake ch9, stop telling us it’s on one day and then changing your mind for something else. Just leave it onnnnnn.

  2. serisouly who is in charge at the programming deptartment at nine if they ever do bring it back it wont rate because fans would have sourced the episodes from other means no wonder nine has so many flops

  3. So unfair but CSI:NY should not be on Tuesday’s anyway. 9:30pm on Sunday or Monday would be best. With Underbelly in Melbourne, CSI:NY will get behind there but it will take ages to catch up. NRL states are still behind on CSI Miami despite getting behind in 2008 and Melbourne is ahead with CSI but an episode was skipped elsewhere though. Friday nights would have been better for Underbelly I reckon.

  4. Ftr, Nine’s ep they were going to show…is season 6, episode six.

    Meanwhile, season seven is just coming to a close in the States. Which means Australia is currently 40+ episodes behind on this show.

    Even if Nine aired episodes twice a week for the next 20 weeks, they’d still be behind.

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