“Ageing formats” facing TEN axe

Key programs at TEN could face the axe from the new CEO James Warburton.

“Potentially there are some ageing formats that have served us well in the past that won’t be here,” he told The Australian.

There is speculation these include Logie Award winner Bondi Rescue and Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation -the latter is been facing an uncertain future for the second year in a row.

Part of his plan is to make TEN more than being perceived as just “the MasterChef network.”

“We are very confident in MasterChef as it moves to Shine. It’s back to real people, real food, real stories. We’re very confident the genre continues to be popular.”

Warburton also indicated content decisions, including the future for Breakfast, were management decisions not the board of directors.

But he said he would continue to stand by the new show despite a ratings low of 9000 viewers last week amid aggressive marketing from its competitors at Seven and Nine.

Observers believe it has until the end of the year to reach 100,000 viewers a day.


  1. Get rid of that dribble the circle and its poor cousin the project they lost me thursday night put re runs of lost in space etc.

  2. @bettestreep, I agree. It is hard not to draw the conclusion that Ten is being deliberately sabotaged. What the hell is the deal with the myriad timeslot changes this year? I have completely lost track of Glee, a show I used to watch religiously. They have fidded and faffed around with other shows as well, to the point where fans lose track of them. Stop this now, Ten, please!!!

  3. bettestreep2008

    I think Murdoch is deliberately destroying Ten so disenchanted viewers will flock to his other network – Foxtel.

    Ten have been making some monumental stuff ups lately.

    Shuffling popular shows like TBYG, Bondi Rescue and Glee all over the timetable have literally killed these shows.
    Same goes for the endless repeats of NCIS and L&O.

    And the new shows they have got in 2012 are just embarassingly bad;- Breakfast rating just 9000 viewers? Will you survive will be axed before it even airs – just like Don’t Stop Believing did a few years ago, a local version of Jersey Shore??? and a reality show centering around Lara Bingle???

    I now just record shows like Glee, Good Wife, YTT and Before the Game and I might watch MC a little bit this year but have grown so tired of all these pointless reality shows.

    Ten – you should be aiming to become third this year – but you might just end up being fourth – behind the ABC!

    How sad a good network has been damaged so much the past year or so.

    But with Mr One-Tel at the helm – is this really a surprise???

  4. I hope thats not code for get rid of Neighbours. Now theres a new producer who can hopefully improve the writing it could be given another chance on Ten, whether that be 6:30 or 7:30

  5. Ten shouldn’t dump Bondi rescue! They were the ones wh screwed it this yr by moving timeslots and days, bring it back next yr and have it 8pm tuesdays and it should do alot better.
    Talkin bout your gen is way past it’s used by date and so needs to go!
    Ten needs bring back sytycd Aus next yr and return it to sundays and mondays once masterchef has finished.

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