Hamish Blake wins Gold Logie 2012

Hamish Blake has won the Gold Logie for 2012 -but not without controversy with the result leaked by the Herald Sun before it was broadcast.

Hamish Blake has won the Gold Logie for 2012.

Blake defeated Karl Stefanovic, Carrie Bickmore, Asher Keddie, Esther Anderson and Adam Hills.

Blake said it was “donkey voting” that got him over the line.

“It is lovely. It was a fluke to be nominated and … a far bigger fluke to actually hold that Logie,” he said.

But the win was not without controversy with the Herald Sun publishing the news before it had been televised on Nine.

In an article published online just after 10pm before being pulled from the website, but it wasn’t enough to stop it spreading like wildfire through Twitter.

The publication contravenes terms agreed to by attending media. There were reports that Herald Sun journalists were evicted from the Media Room.

Even Logie organisers sent out the Gold winner at 11:59pm, ahead of its broadcast at 12:12am.

The Herald Sun said, “The error occurred during live testing of the Herald Sun’s new iPad application which is due for release in coming weeks.

“Live testing has been taking place for about a week.

“At no time did the Herald Sun publish the name of the winner on its website, iPad app or in Twitter.

“However, during the live testing, a link to an embargoed story naming the winner was momentarily created and published by Google.

“The link was discovered almost as soon as it had been created and immediately killed.

“The only media outlet to knowingly publish the winner’s name prior to it being announced was ninemsn.com.au – the website of the host broadcaster.”

It wasn’t the first time a leak had occurred, with winners previously discussed on Twitter ahead of the delayed broadcast.

But the leak won’t dampen the celebrations for Hamish Blake, who begins filming Hamish and Andy’s Euro Gap Year soon.

“It’s incredibly humbling to be here,” he said.

“As my first act, as your president, my man slaves One Direction thankyou.”

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  1. It’s a popularity contest and Hamish is very popular. He has legions of loyal fans from his radio show who would vote for him regardless of the quality of the show. So it’s not so unbelievable that he would win, but whether or not he is deserving is another issue.

  2. Ok, it had been an “outstanding” award, then whinging is justified. But the name of the award speaks for itself: Most Popular Personality. If we look at what that means – its the most popular personality. Doesn’t state that talent is in the equation! What you have to remember is Hamish and Andy have an amazingly loyal audience, they use social media really well, according to that Q survey Hamish is regularly seen as the most popular media personality. I personally was hoping for Adam Hills for the win. But I wasn’t surprised that Hamish did.

  3. A lot of upset people over a popularity contest. Thats all it is, and networks have realised this and are heavily marketing towards this. Hamish and Andy did a sensational job using a social media campaign to get Hamish over the line.

  4. The people saying it was rigged this year are absolutely clueless. Hamish Blake has 1.5 million fans on facebook. How is that rigged? If even a quarter of them vote once, it’s possible that he wins the award.

  5. I didn’t think the Gold Logie could ever go to anyone less deserving than Karl Stefanovic last year.

    Sorry but Hamish Blake was truly undeserving.

    And pardon me if I am wrong – but didn’t he forget to thank the guy who introduced them to TV in the first place?

    I do believe Rove McManus would be mighty miffed he didn’t get a sliver of thanks from Hamish.

    And I bet a lot of parents are fuming that there daughters stayed up until 12.30am to watch the latest boyband perform.

  6. say what you want about the logies…. but i think it should be peer only and registed TV industry people who should be voting…sure have the most popular public vote and call it that…as thats what happened…it wasnt rigged…its like the other awards shows…who ever can advertise and these days out social media the others, will win…Logies are here to stay, they just need to make it clear the public voted and peer voted catergories… and the Gold should be only peer voting. As far as the telecast, 9 could have and should have tightened it up a hell of a alot

  7. next years Gold Logie….. goes to…. Richard Wilkins

    What a joke. Hamish didn’t derserve to win. Gap Year, he wasn’t that good on it. I like Hamish when he was a guest on some shows over the years, but he clearly wasn’t good last year!

  8. The length of time the Logies went, finishing 12.30am, was insulting and disprespectful to vieweres who have lives to get up for the following morning. I was entertained, although nonplused by some of the actual winners. Rein it next next year!

  9. At least there was a reasonable spread between networks and the gold contenders – only Esther i bellieve is Logie-less. Adam Hills accepted 2 in one night, Asher two consecutive (but should have won Outstanding Actress), Karl – last year, Carrie, already a previous winner and Hamish two in one night. SBS got a gong, no Foxtel though, ABC nabbed a few. 7 & 9 & 10 all recognised with multiples. But it feels incomplete and unsatisfying to me.

  10. Once Upon A Time – the Logies actually meant something.

    They were recognition for a person or program that had actually achieved something.

    Once Upon A Time – they had nothing to do with the ability to organise mass voting via public media.

    It’s a terrible shame.

  11. Nice enough guy I suppose and he is very quick witted but I don’t know if that’s enough to merit the win. We will never all agree on who should win in any of the categories. Good luck to him.
    I’d like to say that I really enjoyed the presentation. It was a bit too long but that’s a given with any award show. Compared to the telecasts of the last few years last night was terrific. There was a good vibe in the room. None of the winners were snarky and arrogant when accepting their prize. The presenters didn’t seem as stilted and awkward as I’ve seen in the past. Dare I say it was better than the Oscars? I know it’s fashionable to ridicule the Logies but for me, as a pathetic lover of award shows, the Logies won me back last night.

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