Julia Morris to host Australia’s Got Talent

2013-04-13_2357The ever-versatile Julia Morris has been announced as the new host of Australia’s Got Talent on Nine.

Morris, whose star has been on the rise ever since she won Celebrity Apprentice, was recently nominated for a Silver Logie as Most Popular Actress for House Husbands.

As she recently told TV Tonight, she has had years of experience in hosting corporate events.

“I love them, because people come to them thinking they’re going to have quite a formal evening and one of my special gifts is to make them quite irreverent. A little bit naughty, never dirty, and everybody has an explosive evening. Or at least a good majority of them. Certainly the one or two that have approached me!” she said.

Nine even drew upon her skills for its 2013 Programming Launch to media buyers last year.

AGT so far has Dawn French, Kyle Sandilands and Timomatic as its judges, but a court case injunction has prevented Mel B from officially joining the show.

It airs later this year on Nine.


  1. Wow! even I am having trouble understanding the motivations of some, and their gringe worthy comments, the results of some deflated corporate ego’s, after attending one of Julia’s corporate events perhaps?.

    As for the “Karl” comment, that was obviously one of Julia’s comedic mates having a lend of us

    Just ignore them Julia, and give’m heaps!, and it is nice to see you are emulating the ‘BMC’ tradition and progressing from a ‘Morris Minor’ to a “Morris Major”, ironically promotted all those years ago as the “Big Brother” to the Minor, and could history repeat itself completely, if you were offered “Big Brother” as your next gig?

  2. They have got to be kidding she is a comedian not a tv host . OMG. I definately wont be watching sounds very tacky already .what does she know about singing and dancing. What a dumb decision. Totally wrong she has no appeal to the age group they are targetting unless its the granny brigade at the local RSL.

    • Annette: Julia is host not judge. In any case she co-hosted In Melbourne Tonight in 1996 and The Singing Office in 2008 (before Mel B did the US version). I think you will find she has done more musicals and music theatre training than former host Grant Denyer. I should know, I saw her in one about ten years ago.

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