TEN whinge over cricketer comments

2015-01-10_1456Brisbane Heat cricketer Chris Lynn has been forced to write a written apology to Network TEN after a sly dig at the delayed broadcast of the Big Bash League in Queensland.

Last week on air Lynn said of his team’s standing, “We’re going to need something …. otherwise we might only see the one positive out of the delayed coverage for the Queensland viewers.”

But according to News Corp:

It sparked a major blow-up from Ten who contacted Cricket Australia demanding action against Lynn.

CA issued the Heat with a “please explain” and at one stage it appeared the Heat may been forced to fine Lynn for making comments which they privately supported.

In the end Lynn was asked to write an apology to the network and not discuss it publicly. Social media users, supportive of his remarks, were even offering to help pay any fine with the hashtag #IllcoveryouLynny.

TEN has slated earlier broadcasts in Adelaide this week and Perth viewers can watch Live via ONE, but Brissy viewers remain on delay.

But the network demanding an apology has now attracted negative social comments of its own. Refer: Streisand Effect.

TEN did not respond with comment by publication.


  1. Armchair Analyst

    Network TEN just keeps getting worse. I read an article on how well their former CEO is doing Grant Blackley, he is now running a large and successful hospitality group from Sydney & in that article he said how its similar to running a TV network. He spoke about branding, at the moment TEN’s brand is trashed and their new shows (brands) most of them have flopped. Once again through this childish behaviour, the current admin at TEN have shown that they don’t know what they are doing. The viewer has the right to be childish not the admin of a major TV Network like TEN because they need viewers like people need oxygen.

  2. What I find funny about all this delayed sport argument is the fact that people are whinging about something you get for nothing. You get what you pay for. If you want better you pay for the privilege. TV is not a right. I think its a bit rich we demand from TV network’s when its free. People say why should I have to pay for TV/foxtel as if free TV is a right its not. UK has license fees. If you had to pay to watch ten then you might have some right to whinge

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