2023 Gold Logie: It’s Sonia!

Seven's versatile and glamorous go-to host has taken out TV's top award.

Sonia Kruger has won the Gold Logie for 2023.

Her win caps off a year hosting Dancing with the Stars, The Voice and Big Brother for Seven, as well as Academy Awards red carpet and tonight’s Logie Awards red carpet.

She takes out the win over Hamish Blake, Julia Morris, Leigh Sales, Mark Coles Smith, Osher Günsberg, Shaun Micallef.

It was her second nomination for the Gold Logie and first win.

“This is so weird!” she said.

“To have you present it Daryl,” she said to Daryl Somers, who presented her with the the Gold. “I’ve been so lucky. I’ve worked with some absolute legends and some great people.

She thanked those who worked on Dancing with the Stars, The Voice and Big Brother, “God AKA James Warburton, who hd the brilliant idea of stealing a successful format from Channel Nine and putting it on Channel Seve. No-one had done that before,” and family “their names escape me.”

She dedicated the Logie to her late father and referenced a backstage sign that said, “Hosting is not about what you do, it’s about how you make other people feel.”

Onya Sonia.

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  1. No way Kruger deserves a Logie she shouldn’t even be on tv after her remarks from several years back. It’s an absolute travesty, along with her co presenter Daryl Somers stinking up his time, this ending spoilt a fantastic night.

  2. To me, voting being open until a certain time while the ceremony is on, unfairly favours the network broadcasting the Logies, as they can do promos in their ad breaks saying “there is still time to vote for…”. Maybe it should be like a political election, where no campaigning ads are allowed for a certain time before the event!

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