#TVT10: Most commented posts

A controversial casting change in daytime TV still ranks as the topic that has generated the most comments. Twice.

Long term readers will remember 2011 stories about Peter Everett being dumped from Ready Steady Cook as attracting an avalanche of comments.

That saga, in which he was replaced by comedian Colin Lane, remains the #1 and #2 most-commented topic on TV Tonight. Lane later told the site, “I remember at the time saying to myself, ‘Don’t be reading this, Colin!’

“Ready Steady Cook has an incredibly loyal audience and I don’t know if it’s the same all around the world but people in this country, if they don’t like something on the TV or they don’t like a change they will speak up. They will vehemently put forward their opinion about things they like or don’t like.”

Topics that have attracted the most comments include programming changes (Supernatural and How I Met Your Mother fans were particularly vocal), multichannel launches, and certain April Fool’s Day gags.

Also prominent was Dead Gorgeous (never underestimate the appeal of ABC kid’s shows to international audiences), Big Brother, MasterChef, The Project and a speculative post in which readers tried to guess the “big surprise” Nine was teasing. It later turned out to be a name change from PBL Media to Nine Entertainment Co.

From 2012 the site required users to register an ID account for comments which unsurprisingly resulted in a drop in visible comments, but not in traffic.

488 Colin Lane new host of Ready Steady Cook 2011
285 Ready, Steady, Cook fans already miss Peter Everett 2011
255 7PM Project: the verdict? 2009
236 Gone: Stargate Universe, Supernatural 2009
231 Airdate: Dead Gorgeous 2010
210 Facebook hijack: Daryl, Livinia, Plucka nominated for Gold Logie 2011
209 ELEVEN to launch in early 2011 2010
199 7TWO to launch November 1st 2009
194 New channel coming: 7mate 2010
184 ONE HD bumps TEN HD into limbo 2008
182 Nine promising “big surprise” 2010
175 TEN board sacks new CEO, Gina Rinehart takes charge 2013
171 14yo Jack Vigden wows Australia’s Got Talent judges 2011
169 Australia gets to GO! 2009
161 Gone: Cougar Town, How I Met Your Mother 2010
154: MasterChef: Chris eliminated! It’s Poh vs Julie 2009
143 Big Brother: Secrets to air on Nine in 2012 2011
139 TV4ME now testing 2011

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  1. Sadly…I have the TV on …less and less….I watch some things on catchup…mostly Iview….
    I wish they would bring back Ready Steady Cook..nice to watch mid afternoon, with a cuppa….surely it was not that expensive…and many well know chefs launched their careers from it…Manu for one…

  2. Are you able to break down the most read (iffy) and most commented by locality? For example, how many comments (in total) are Australian, and which countries have the most readers/comment makers?

  3. Doesn’t surprise me that Peter Everett’s axing from Ready Steady Cook make up the top two most commented articles on this site. The show had a very loyal fan-base. And it was at a time when daytime tv was actually good to watch. lol. And I preferred Everett than Lane.

    It’s also good to see some April Fools articles in there. Very clever and funny articles they were 🙂

    I can’t wait until the 15 years (or 20 years) anniversary to see what lists will top the most commented. Wouldn’t it be funny if this article pops up then? Come on, people, keep the comment rolling on here! lol

  4. I remembered back in my days when I watched RSC with Nick Stratford as host in 2005. Peter Everett replaced Nick from 2006 and was the host until mid 2011. Colin Lane became the third host of this show. I’d prefer Colin over Peter as he has a good sense of humour

  5. Thanks David, I love that you can provide this insight.
    I used to really enjoy Ready Steady Cook, I assume it is off air now, but I do recall the furor when Peter Everett was replaced, perhaps they will bring about a new series with him hosting?
    I realise you are on hiatus, but I found it ironic that there were no comments when I checked this post again at 10.20am (Qld time)

    1. I can’t understand why TEN killed Sports Tonight, then George Negus Tonight then replaced them with The Project. I realise The Simpsons got tied up in there along the way but I don’t believe The Project is the best program for that timeslot.

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